CAT II/III Approaches


Captain must brief:

Ø    F/O must make 400’ “Land Green” call.

Ø    100 Above procedures (Captain - “Continuing”)

Ø    Minimums procedures (Captain - “Landing” or “Go Around”)


Note: any CAT II RA not AUTH approaches are based on inner marker.  You may use the inner marker GS crossing altitude in the MDA as a reminder.


AH stands for Alert Height and allows for continuing the approach only on electronic indications (no visual confirmation of runway environment required). The Airbus 319/320/321 requires that CAT 3 Dual be annunciated in the FMA before AH is used. When entering Radar Altimeter information in the FMGC on the Approach page use 100’ in the DH window for the AH. Autocallouts will be made at 100 above and Minimums as DH is being selected on the Approach page. This will allow the pilot to have a reminder at 100’ AGL but the approach may be continued as long as all indications are normal and the reported RVR remains at or above the minimum for the approach. This means it is possible that the runway may not be seen by the pilots before minimums. When shooting a CAT II or III approach the PF must make callout of CAT 3 dual (or single) or CAT 2 based on FMA information when armed for approach. NOTE: Above 8,200’ AGL (max valid radar altimeter range) FMA will show CAT 1, confirm FMA below 5,000’ AGL.


If CAT 3 Dual is not shown in the FMA (for example CAT 3 Single or CAT 2) then DH must be used if doing a CAT II or III and runway must be seen. Dual will be shown when both autopilots are in use, and Single when only one autopilot is in use or loss of some other required redundant system. Engine-out approaches limited to CAT IIIA (CAT 3 Single, requires 50’ DH). Captain retards throttles on the 10’ “Retard” callout, disconnect autopilot by 60 kts. on runway.


The autoland fail light will flash red if the following conditions occur below 200’ while in LAND mode (PH 14.1.6):


Ø    Both AP’s off below 200’ RA

Ø    Excessive LOC (¼ dot – above 15’ RA) or GLIDE (1 dot – above 100’ RA) deviation – LOC and GLIDE scales flash

Ø    Loss of LOC (below 15’) or GLIDE (below 100’) signal

Ø    Difference between radar Altimeters is greater than 15’ (FD bars flash)


LAND green on FMA at 400 ft. indicates that the autopilot is “locked in” and will “ignore” inputs on the FMU (autopilot panel). Basically at this point it is only looking for a TOGA selection or to complete the landing.


CAT II/III Go-Around Mandatory if –


Ø    Autoland warning light comes on

Ø    Autoland capability degrades below 1000’ (CAT 3 DUAL to CAT 3 SINGLE or CAT 2)


Note: If autoland capability degrades above 1000’ the pilots have the option of changing the minimums on the PERF APPROACH page if this is done before 500’ AGL and the captain understands the new minimums are a decision height.


If auto callouts are not available the F/O (PM) will need to make the 100 Above and Minimums callouts.


Autopilot should be disconnected on ground before 60 kts. Remember that the autopilot will be steering the aircraft through nosewheel steering until disconnected.


Practice autoland approaches may be done on CAT I runways only if (PH 18.6.11):


Ø    Runway is listed as approved for autolands in Airport Advisory pages

Ø    Approach is done in CAT I or better weather conditions.


Use published CAT I DA on PERF APPR MDA prompt


Note: when doing autoland during CAT I or better weather the ILS hold line is not being protected and signal may be poor. ATC has a long checklist to run before CAT II/III is actually flown and this will not be done during CAT I weather.


The material “below the line” is not from PH but is added if you consider it helpful.



PH Maneuvers & Procedures – Approach     Pg. 18-42   10 MAR 00

US Airways A319/320/321



Autoland Approach Briefing – For an autoland approach, the Captain will include the following items as part of the briefing:


-       FMA annunciations (i.e., LAND green) and First Officer procedures

-       Procedures at “100 ABOVE” callout.

-       Procedures at “Minimums” callout




“This will be an Autoland Approach. At 400’, verify the FMA annunciates LAND green. At the ‘100 ABOVE’ callout, I will respond ‘CONTINUING’. You continue to monitor the flight instruments and FMA. At the ‘Minimums’ callout one of two things will occur:






We are using ___(AH or DH) today which means that I will verify the runway environment ___(electronically or visually) with ___ (100’ or 50’) set in the DH window. We need a minimum capability of _____(CAT III DUAL, CAT III SINGLE, CAT II) annunciated in the FMA to fly this approach. We need a minimum RVR of ___ for this approach.


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